• – The objective of the project is to engineer a cluster land rig with long skidding distance to be operated for 7 years in SULIGE South gas field in CHINA. In order to reduce delivery to a minimum, the design integrated proven existing solutions available in CHINA.
  • – Moving performance was a key element of the design. The rig is split into one skidding part (DES, pipe rack and Solid Control Module) which skids on every well, and one fixed part (mud pumps, tanks and power generation) which moves only every 8 wells. Considering the importance of the project and corresponding mud volumes, an Oil Base Mud treatment plant was planned on the field to meet a zero discharge specification.
  • – An audit of rig builders and drilling contractors has been performed in CHINA to evaluate their ability to meet client’s criteria. A winterization set-up was designed to allow continuous operations (3-4 winter months with average temperature ranging from +10°C and -20°C).

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