Our long-term success originates from our effective performance in planning, execution, correction and ongoing improvements all the while protecting our employees and respecting the environment. Our QHSE system is developed and implemented abiding to the Quality Management System.

Emanating from our employees’ commitment, the board of directors is fully devoted to:

  • Satisfy our customers by adapting our products/services to their needs and considering their feedback
  • Comply with legal requirements, Oil & Gas industry standards and nuclear industry regulations
  • Implement and maintain the QHSE management system​
  • Protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and third-parties
  • Protect the environment in the communities where we work and live​

To achieve these commitments, we ensure that:

  • Resources are abundant and our employees are qualified by performing personnel competence management
  • Project objectives abide to the requirements of this policy
  • Communication is clear and punctual
  • Ongoing improvements are efficient

The QHSE department is responsible for the implementation of this policy and the integration of objectives into our management system at all levels to add value to our products and services.


ISO 9001