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Cooperation agreement with DRONE VOLT

DIESTWELL, an independent specialist in technical assistance services for the oil & gas and renewable energies industries, particularly offshore windfarms, anounces a cooperation project with DRONE VOLT, a French aeronautics manufacturer specializing in professional civilian drones.

DIETSWELL and DRONE VOLT have decided to join forces in order to offer major international groups in these industries personalized and innovative onshore and offshore UAV solutions. The inspection and maintenance of oil production installations are of primordial importance in order to assure their security and avoid failures that could have a negative impact on their image and profitability.

The use of drones will allow faster and more cost-effective deployment while significantly reducing the human risk (zones difficult to access, dangerous zones etc.). The respective R&D teams of the two groups will collaborate on different projects involving the integration of drones. The shared solutions will allow faster and more cost-effective deployment in order to optimize the maintenance of offshore oil production sites and windfarms and reduce the human risk. 

On this occasion, Jean-Claude Bourdon, President and founder of DIETSWELL, declared :

“I am pleased to collaborate with DRONE VOLT in our business sectors, particularly in our well-known Fact-O-Rig division of our oil industry customers for drilling unit audit and inspection services, mainly offshore.” 

Olivier Gualdoni, the chairman / CEO of DRONE VOLT, added: 

“the DRONE VOLT group is highly enthusiastic regarding the development of its activities in the oil industry in collaboration with DIETSWELL. A new, highly promising opportunity is now opening up in the oil industry for our security and surveillance expertise, offering enormous potential for international deployment.” 

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