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The design of this well bay has been driven by routing of flow lines, from Christmas trees to manifolds, located along the cellars. Criteria as defined by the COMPANY:

  • – The design had to optimize random drilling.
  • – No piping pre-installation has to be done for the flow lines. They have to be accessible and connectable to the manifolds at any time, regardless of the well or the phase of the drilling campaign.
  • – The cluster is divided into seven cellars due to regulations in Kazakhstan imposing a maximum of 32 wells or a production of 2000mT/day per cellar.
  • – Flow lines shall not cross the cellars. Due to the two rows configuration, 2m width spaces have been arranged between cellars to run the flow lines.
  • – Top of skidding beams support has to be located no higher than 5m above the ground.

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